Types of massage

Эротический массаж — источник энергии и наслаждения
Длительность 60 мин, 90 мин
Стоимость 550 грн, 650 грн

Боди массаж — ваш путь в мир удовольствия
Длительность 30 мин
Стоимость 400 грн

Массаж Госпожи — слабость, способная приносить удовольствие
Длительность 30 мин
Стоимость 150 грн

Тайский массаж — бескрайнее море высшего наслаждения
Длительность 30 мин
Стоимость 350 грн

Лесби-шоу — необычный перфоменс, который подарит вам незабываемое удовольствие
Длительность 60 мин
Стоимость 900 грн

Медовый массаж — идеальный микс удовольствия и пользы.
Длительность 60 мин, 90 мин
Стоимость 650 грн, 850 грн

Эротический массаж для пар — лучший способ разнообразить отношения
Длительность 60 мин, 90 мин
Стоимость 900 грн, 1150 грн

Эротический массаж для девушек — лучший способ открыться с новой стороны
Длительность 60 мин, 90 мин
Стоимость 600 грн, 700 грн

Ветка сакуры — откройте для себя секреты восточной неги и блаженства
Длительность 90 мин
Стоимость 2500 грн

All massage programs can be performed onsite. When the masseuse visits the client, transportation costs (taxi) are taken into account.

Dear visitors!!! We do not provide services of an intimate nature.

Massage is an art that needs constant improvement. In the Egoist salon you will find various elite erotic massage techniques suitable for both men and women.

This kind of rest is good for improving your well-being. It helps relieve pain, relax muscles and relieve general tension, improves blood flow and makes the body more flexible.

Erotic massage salon in Kiev

Ariel offers various types of massage:

  • Sakura branch;
  • Aqua foam;
  • Royal;
  • Citrus;
  • Honey;
  • Fantasy;
  • Express.

Each type of massage is a small separate life, an hour long. During this time, you will have time to enjoy maximum relaxation and make an amazing journey into the wonderful world of sensuality and tactile bliss.

Erotic massage.

The price is worth it It may seem to you that the cost of https://afrodita-massage.vn.ua/en/ erotic massage is unreasonably high, but erotic massage cannot be cheap. Each master has all the necessary massage techniques, is constantly improving and improving his knowledge. Egoist salon offers the best price for this type of procedure. In addition, when choosing an erotic massage in Kiev, reviews should be viewed first. The egoist can boast of the number of his regular clients who come to enjoy erotic massage from our masters on a regular basis.

Also, we offer our clients various spa treatments, including bathing in a cedar barrel and a visit to the sauna. There are programs designed specifically for couples, which according to the owners and employees of the salon, helps to bring people closer and improve their relationships.

Features of erotic massage in Kiev

All those girls-masseuses who work in the massage parlor “Egoist”, they are all intelligent, beautiful, and what is most important – true experts in everything related to erotic massage. The massage programs of the salon are combined with music and fragrances of incense and essential oils. The massage performed by us has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It awakens harmony in the soul, and recreates the acuity of all the senses of the visitor. The massage will remove the burden of fatigue and sorrow from you. The visitor simply plunges into erotic rest and relaxation.
Salon “Egoist” is a delightful corner of bliss and emotions. We will distract you from everyday worries and send you to the land of dreams, indescribable sensations, and charge you with positive energy.

Pay your ATTENTION! The Egoist massage salon does not provide services of an intimate nature!