For couples

Эротический массаж для парEven with the strongest, most passionate and loving relationships, time plays a cruel joke. Passion slowly disappears, love fades away, and sex becomes less and less and it practically does not bring joy. Someone goes for a divorce and breaks off all relationships, someone goes to a psychologist, and we advise you to try this erotic massage with an intimate bias!

Naturally, this session is overflowing with a variety of sexual sensations, which should act as a catalyst for resetting the relationship between a man and a woman. However, massage is also good for very young couples who simply decided to experience new sensations and surrender to the erotic direction.

It would be quite natural to ask: why do we need this? Imagine a juicy fruit. He hangs on a thin “tail” through which he receives all the “life juices”. Reduce the amount of these “juices” and the fruit will fall and wither. Each of us is just such a “fruit” that needs a lot of “life juices” and energy for a full life. In our time, what we have in everyday life: we sit here for a long time, we stand uncomfortably here, we sleep badly, etc. Here you have circles under the eyes, and fatigue – it won’t take long to “fall”. And they came to the salon of erotic massage, got their charge of vital energy, dispersed all the “juices” in the body, rested – that’s a fresh look, and youth on the face, and shine in the eyes!

Erotic massage for couples – open up to your partner in a new way

In eromassage every little thing is important, so the client, from the very beginning, gets into an atmosphere of relaxation and attention. At the request of clients, masseuses can take a shower with them. In general, water, and we talk about this many times, is an excellent conductor of energy, and already in the first moments of the program, clients begin to exchange energy with each other and with masseuses. This point is important because this is how the massage is completely open. The concept of tantra, universal love is included, and the session takes place not only under the sign of physical satisfaction, but also psychological, spiritual growth!

Clients, the couple is sitting on comfortable couches in such a way that they can see each other. Masseuses begin the session with a simple relaxing massage, gradually moving to the erogenous zones. The atmosphere in the office begins to heat up, and one can already clearly feel how sexual energy envelops all participants in the process.

Erotic massage for couples in Kiev – restart the relationship

In Kiev, erotic massage for couples can be done by both two masseuses and a masseuse with a masseuse, it all depends on the wishes of the clients.

Clients feel every touch of the masseuse, they see how the tender fingers of a naked girl run through their bodies and passion, which has practically died out, is ready to flare up again with a bright torch!

And so far there is only a relaxing massage, but the program can be made individually, and then the degree of pleasure will be simply indescribable! Stimulation of the genitals, for example, will lead the couple to the first violent orgasm while still in the hands of masseuses, and then, when sexuality, like lava in a volcano, reaches a critical point, masseuses leave the couple alone with their desires. There is no better way to restart a relationship or add new sensations to it than a session of such an erotic massage for two.