Erotic massage for women

Massage for women is done only by girls. There are no men !!!

Эротический массаж для женщинGirls, by the way, also do not mind to relax and unwind! That is why women’s massage in our erotic massage salon in Kiev is quite a traditional thing. Depending on your personal preference, the session can be conducted by an athletic man or a charming, beautiful girl who is pleasant to look at.

The masseur can be completely naked during the session, if you wish, and during the procedure itself, not only hands are used, but also other parts of the body. You will not be able to forget the sensual pleasure from erotic massage received in our salon for many years to come.

Women’s massage price

The cost of an erotic massage session for women starts from 600 hryvnia (specify the price). In addition to the session itself in a cozy room with lit candles and pleasant incense, you can also visit our scrub room, where you will also be given a special cleansing massage, which has a good effect on the condition of the skin.

After the massage, you can take a shower, dress calmly, drink delicious coffee and even, if you are not busy, have a little chat with the masseur. There is a recreation area for this.

Not only a woman, but also a man can do erotic massage and stimulate the body. Women’s and men’s intimate massage, distinguished by the technique of execution. Safe, soothing treatment for women who lead a normal, healthy life correctly. Sex and the sexual issue are also important.

Performing massage promotes weight loss, promotes healthy circulation, and promotes restful sleep. Reflexology targets the thousands of nerve endings that every organ of the body has, such as the chest. The stress decreases, the body comes to a more balanced state, and you will experience a deeply relaxing feeling throughout your body.

Massage boosts the immune system. Ideal for those suffering from chronic headaches and asthma. Targets muscle pain, stress-induced muscle tension, fatigue and even to recover from colds. There is a video that shows a heated herbal bag massage that restores and redirects energy, while herbs and essential oils heal the body by balancing the senses, soothing the nerves and refreshing the skin and tissues.

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